Forrestfield police seeking information over primary school children incident

A man has been spotted approaching children with a van that reads 'free candy' on its side.
May 2, 2024

FORRESTFIELD Police Station officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Brad Robinson, is urgently seeking public assistance regarding a concerning incident involving primary school-aged children this week.

On Tuesday, April 30 at 8am, three primary school-aged children were approached by an unidentified male outside Dawson Avenue Park in Forrestfield.

The male, riding a white mountain bike, invited the children to his nearby white van, which they had earlier seen parked outside the deli on Berkshire Road.

The male was described as Caucasian, with a gold tooth, brown buzz-cut hair, wearing a navy beanie, green cargo pants, and multiple backpacks.

The van in question was described as white, with roof racks and blacked-out windows, potentially with curtains. Notably, it had four or more bumper stickers, with the phrase ‘free candy’ visible on the side.

The incident prompted concerns due to similarities with a prior occurrence near Dawson Park Primary School, involving another child being offered candy by an individual associated with a similar van.

Forrestfield Police are actively investigating the matter and urge anyone with relevant information to come forward. Contact Crime Stoppers at 1800 333 000. Reference Incident Report Number: 300424093018542.

“Ensuring community safety and prioritising the well-being of our children are top concerns,” Senior Sergeant Robinson said.

“Your cooperation is vital in ensuring the safety of our community’s children.”

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