Learners need to be over 18 years of age and permanent residents with good spoken English to be eligible.

Free adult literacy tutoring

The Read Write Now program is offering free adult literacy and numeracy tutoring for people in the community who may have missed out earlier in life.
June 6, 2024

LOW literacy and numeracy are a hidden epidemic in Australia, but help is at hand with tutoring sessions under the Read Write Now program to be held at local libraries, including Midland, Mundaring, Boya, Bassendean, Ellenbrook, Beechboro and Kalamunda.

Around seven million Australian adults or 43 per cent of the population don't have the necessary literacy skills needed for the basics of everyday life, from shopping to navigating public transport or applying for a job or filling in a form.

Covid-19 highlighted the hidden issues faced by parents assisting their children with their homework.

Literacy is a life skill that some adults in our community have missed out on due to interrupted schooling, sickness, leaving the education system at a young age or perhaps from having a learning disability.

The Read Write Now program has been operating in Western Australia since 1977 and has helped thousands of adults improve their reading, writing, maths or digital skills.

Students meet with a trained volunteer tutor once a week, one-to-one, free of charge at the local library. The sessions are an hour and a half and developed around the individual’s needs.

The students come from all walks of life – some are studying and need support to complete their course, some are employed and are looking to maintain their current job or get a promotion, while others have personal goals relating to family literacy such as being able to read to their children or help with homework.

The program is very flexible and quite unique in that it is able to meet such a range of individual needs.    

Similarly, the volunteer tutors come from various backgrounds, but all have a genuine interest in working with people and helping them achieve their literacy goals.

For tutors, the few hours a week spent with their student is incredibly rewarding and they too feel a great sense of achievement when those goals are met.

Free training is provided to volunteers and great support and back-up is offered by the group’s coordinators.

Adult learners need to be over 18 years of age and permanent residents with good spoken English.

Prospective students or tutors can phone 1800 018 802 for more information or visit the website.

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