Receiving the vaccine during the flu's most prolific months will help protect against its transmission.

Free flu jabs in May and June 

The Premier says immunisation is the best way to protect yourself and those you care about in winter.
April 11, 2024

WESTERN Australians are being urged to get their free influenza vaccine from next month, to help prevent severe illness ahead of  winter.

The significant cost-of-living relief measure will help to protect against the highly contagious influenza virus, which can severely affect the respiratory system and cause symptoms ranging from minor to life-threatening.

The most vulnerable community members, including older adults, young children and pregnant women, are most at risk of severe complications if they get influenza.

The best protection against influenza is immunisation and last year almost 32 per cent of eligible West Australians received an influenza vaccination.

Free influenza vaccines will be available to all Western Australians aged six-months and older, for the months of May and June.

Some providers may charge a small administration fee. Receiving the vaccine during these months will optimise protection over the peak period for influenza transmission in Western Australia.

Free vaccinations are available at GPs, Aboriginal Medical Services and participating community pharmacies.

Premier Roger Cook said the flu was not a harmless condition, especially for young people and older adults.

“It can cause serious illness and immunisation is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones this winter.”

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