A map of subareas eligible for the growers' grant.

Funding flows for Gnangara growers

The state government says the Gnangara horticulture water use efficiency grants program is now more accessible.
May 30, 2024

THE state government has doubled the size of grants for horticulture and viticulture growers who rely on the Gnangara groundwater system, to support sustainability and the protection of the valuable water resource.

The $1.19 million Gnangara horticulture water use efficiency grants program is now more accessible, with up to $100,000 available to growers, and grower co-contribution requirements to be reduced.

The grants will support Gnangara growers with the installation of water use efficiency infrastructure, including irrigation system design, soil and crop sensor technology, permanent protected cropping, and soil amelioration.

Vouchers of up to $5000 are also available for professional advice to help develop efficient irrigation systems, adopt technology and sustainable cropping strategies.

The vouchers will help to lay foundations for successful grant applications to co-invest in water infrastructure and technology that helps farmers to grow more productive crops that boost business profitability.

The investment will help preserve the precious community water resource as well as allow growers to continue to produce sustainable and affordable produce for West Australians.

Agriculture and Food Minister Jackie Jarvis said the government had adapted the program to help commercial horticulture and viticulture growers adopt more efficient irrigation strategies for the future.

“With WA's drying climate, I would encourage all growers in the area to examine how the Gnangara grants program can help build stronger, more resilient, sustainable and profitable businesses.”

Water Minister Simone McGurk said the grants would drive more sustainable use of groundwater for horticulture and viticulture from the Gnangara groundwater system, so the area can continue to provide fresh produce and employment opportunities close to Perth.

“Supporting growers to improve the design of water systems, implement soil and crop sensor technology and soil amendments to increase soil moisture holding capacity is good for their businesses and tackling the effects of climate change on water resources.”

For more information and to apply for a Gnangara horticultural water use efficiency grant or voucher visit www.agric.wa.gov.au/horticulture-water-use-efficiency-grants.

Applications close June, 30 2025.

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