Firewise gardening guide launch.

Gardening guide for fire zones

A new fire-safe guide aims to help reduce risk to residents during fire season.
June 13, 2024

WESTERN Australians living in bushfire-prone areas can now better protect their homes against the destruction of a bushfire with landscaping advice from a new Firewise gardening guide.

Emergency Services Minister Stephen Dawson said the free guide provided valuable insights into the types of plants and their location around the home to help reduce the impact of fire.

The guide was developed by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services at their Bushfire Centre of Excellence (BCoE) in consultation with industry experts, including the CSIRO, the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and local governments.

A review by the BCoE on current landscaping practices in the state's bushfire-prone areas revealed the need for a local Western Australian perspective.

Research shows that the type of plants you choose, their position on the property and the way they are managed as they grow are key factors that can either increase the risk of damage or protect a home from a bushfire, even if the resident isn't there.

The Firewise gardening guide provides advice on practices and assists at-risk residents in bushfire preparation.

Mr Dawson said the new gardening guide was another important tool that Western Australians can use to help protect their homes against the destruction of a bushfire.

“The Firewise gardening guide provides people with free and practical advice on how to shield and reduce the level of impact on their property from fire damage through landscaping and the right choice of plants.

“The state government is investing an additional $140 million into equipping our first responders to fight fires, but here is something simple and effective that residents can do to make a difference.

“DFES recorded 1000 more bushfires this Southern bushfire season compared to the previous year and considering more than 93 per cent of our state is bushfire-prone, no one can afford to be complacent.

“This comprehensive guide will help homeowners and residents take charge of their bushfire risk by designing and managing their own gardens to help their home withstand the force of a fire.”

The guide is available for download on the DFES website.

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