Midland MLA Michelle Roberts with tournament organisers.

Global spotlight on Swan Gladiator Kabaddi sports

Midland MLA turns out to support multicultural sporting event.
June 13, 2024

A RECENT Gladiator Sports and Kabaddi Cup tournament event, held in the City of Swan for the first time and now set to be held annually, has been televised around the world.

The competitive contact team sport is an ancient Indian tradition and it’s played between two teams of seven players.

An oval in Beechboro was transformed into an arena for elite athletes and the age-old art of Kabaddi took centre stage as five teams of athletes battled it out before a crowd of 10,000, with participating teams coming from all over the country.

Some players flew in from India and Pakistan to compete; umpires came from the eastern states and match commentators flew in from India.

Kabaddi is the national sport of Bangladesh and the second most popular viewed sport in India, after cricket.

Midland MLA Michelle Roberts said she was delighted to present awards at what she has described as a unique sporting event that is a fantastic drawcard for the City of Swan.

Ms Roberts applauded the efforts of event organisers, described the Gladiator Sports and Kabaddi tournament as amazing and said she has welcomed plans to make the event an annual one.

“This is a fantastic drawcard in Swan, which has become a hub for multicultural communities, especially from south Asia.”

Ms Roberts said it was exciting to see the games in action and the high level of support from the community.

“This fantastic event is also a celebration of culture and it provides a fun day out in our community where people can come and enjoy this unique sport.

“As well as Kabaddi matches, there were kids activities, food stalls and performances.”

She said it was enjoyable watching and learning about Kabaddi at the same time.

“Congratulations to Swaran Gill, Gurinder Gill, Sukhdeep Benipal, Bhinder Gill and the whole Gladiator Kabaddi Club management team for organising such a successful event.”

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