Hairdresser Taylor Graham at her purpose-built Urban Hair Studio in Greenmount. Picture Jacki Elezovich

Greenmount hairdresser’s stylish Urban Hair Studio

Self-made entrepreneur shares her story of how a passion to keep quality has led to her own salon opening.
June 27, 2024
Jacki Elezovich

TAYLOR Graham opened her home salon Urban Hair Studio in 2020, and has seen the business flourish in the years since.

Ms Graham started hairdressing at 14 years old, leaving high school to complete an apprenticeship and going on to work in various Perth salons before opening her own.

“I wanted to get into my own style, my own niche. I’m very big on quality over quantity and working for someone else you’re on a time schedule, and with that in place I didn’t feel like I could deliver what clients should be getting,” she said.

Urban Hair Studio is a home-run hair studio that specialises in hair colouring, extensions, and one-on-one appointments. You’ll find it just out of Midland town centre, the enchanting hidden gem of a suburban Greenmount backyard. The salon itself is sleek and stylish, a relaxing space designed to give clients a quality experience every time they visit.

“My client list grew very quickly so we had to expand the salon we had, and we’ve moved away from the rustic aesthetic it was and gone a bit more chic and classy,” Ms Graham said.

Building her client base from scratch, Ms Graham said she now has an established and regular clientele who return month after month for her services.

“Marketing is mostly through social media, but from there it’s a lot of word of mouth through families and friends of girls whose hair I’ve done. And I’m very stable here, because I’m running the salon out of home,” she said.

Ms Graham runs the salon by herself, scheduling one-on-one quality appointments around raising her three year-old daughter.

“Doing what I love and producing what I want and the standard I want is great. And working hours that suit me, especially with a young daughter, is really important right now,” she said.

Ms Graham said building her business has been a journey, but one she remains passionate about.

“To be honest, I came into it almost blindsided. I was 21 when I started the business and I went in with almost no expectations. I would say I’ve gained expectations as I’ve grown within the business,” she said.

“I think the clientele you build is really your support and it says what your business is about. And I’ve met so many lovely clients who are now lifelong friends.”

Ms Graham said she would love to expand her team in the future, but she would need to find someone who suits her and her business completely.

Appointments at Urban Hair can be booked through both Facebook and Instagram @urban.hairstudio

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