Tate, Elizabeth and Lachlan entertain in Merredin.

Guildford Grammar ‘Music to Merredin’ fundraiser is a great harmonious success

Guildford Grammar school's music program showcased their young talents in Merredin earlier this week.
June 27, 2024

GUILDFORD Grammar School held its spectacular fundraiser event last Wednesday travelling from Perth the Merredin via train, delivering an experience that resonated with community members and students alike.

More than 60 talented students performed nonstop for three hours aboard the Merredin Link train, followed by an electrifying concert at the Cummins Theatre in the Wheatbelt town.

The unique event highlighted the diversity and engagement within the Guildford Grammar music program.

Students from Years 9 to 12 performed together, creating an inclusive environment fostering visible wellbeing through their shared love of music.

“At the concert, the students were met with an enthusiastic reception from the Merredin locals, who eagerly joined in, dancing to the music, adding to the vibrant and positive atmosphere,” principal Peter Allen said.

“The sense of community and joy was electric, demonstrating the exceptional talent and character of Guildford Grammar students, and raising more than $5400 for Anglicare WA.

“The Guildford Grammar School Music fundraiser was not only a testament to the students’ abilities but also a celebration of the strong, supportive community at Guildford Grammar School.”

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