Aerial view of the Mandoon Estate & Homestead Brewery at sunset.

Harvest in the Swan Valley shows the passion for produce

The annual harvest festival shares the passion behind the Swan Valley’s world-class seasonal produce.
February 1, 2024

A CELEBRATION of fresh produce and local growers, this year’s Harvest in the Swan Valley is a great opportunity to enjoy the very best the Swan Valley has to offer.

The annual festival shares the passion behind the Swan Valley’s world-class seasonal produce, as businesses invite visitors to pick, taste and shop their produce.

From February 2 to March 4 Swan Valley businesses will offer an extensive list of unique experiences as they host tastings, fruit picking, master classes, market stalls and more.

That passion is evident in the freshness of juicy grapes, sweet watermelons, soft figs and rich tomatoes – lovingly grown by families of the valley for generations.

City of Swan Mayor Tanya Richardson said this year’s hands-on harvest was all about inspiring visitors to choose local and discover the delicacies right on Perth’s doorstep.

“Harvest in the Swan Valley encourages people to buy from the source, which directly supports our local growers,” she said.

“Many Western Australians are feeling the pinch as the cost of living rises. Buying locally not only gets you fresher produce, but it can also knock a few dollars off the weekly grocery bill and keeps all profits in the hands of producers.

“There is so much on offer this year and it’s a perfect time for locals and visitors to experience the bounty of the Swan Valley.”

The team at Kato’s @3000, who specialise in growing around 15 varieties of grapes, are offering a delectable grape gelato.

Refreshing watermelon slushies can be found at Baba and Dida’s, a quaint café and marketplace that prides itself on homemade treats and top-notch produce.

Indulge in delightful high teas at stunning locations across the valley including Stewarts in Upper Swan, Mrs Rabbits in Henley Brook, and Champagne and Gumboots in Herne Hill.

Set among acres of vineyards, Sittella Winery is hosting its annual Harvest Lunch featuring a tour of the vines followed by a scrumptious seasonal set menu. From farm to fork, it’s time to taste and experience the passion of the Swan Valley.

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