After almost a year of planning the historic Midland (English) oak was moved last week.

Historic Midland oak on the move

The Midland Districts Historical Society chair Matthew Pavlinovich says the historical society's members hope the move is a success.
April 24, 2024
Peter W Lewis

THE historical National Trust-listed Midland (English) oak tree has been moved by the state government to a new location further east on Railway Parade in Midland to accommodate new railway infrastructure.

In what would have been a logistical challenge, the work was skillfully carried out to move the tree last Wednesday, April 17 by qualified arborists after almost a year of preparations for the big move.

According to Midland Districts Historical Society chair Matthew Pavlinovich, the landmark specimen marked the site of the old Midland Junction Railway Station (1896-1968).

“It is remembered as a landmark by both former commuters and country train travellers who passed through the station, as a rare example of an oak tree in Midland and the City of Swan more generally.”

The tree was planted around 1910 and is the most northerly recorded specimen in WA of a Quercus robur, being classified and included on the National Trust of WA’s Significant Tree Register in 2020 after being nominated by the Midland- based society.

Mr Pavlinovich said that the society had recommended that the tree remain in its original location.

“Should the transplant turn out to be not successful, our society will be very disappointed considering the significance of the tree after we recommended it not be moved,” he said.

The pending move was reported in ‘Midland’s historic oak tree to move’ (Echo News, December 21, 2023) where PTA spokesman David Hynes said in early planning, it was determined that the English oak in the centre of the unofficial car park was too close to the planned rail lines to be considered safe, and would be at risk of damage during construction.

“As the tree is of heritage significance and an important part of the local community, the team has been working with the City of Swan to relocate the tree to a new pocket park east of the Cale Street level crossing,’’ he said.

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