VRRA says the latest proposal for The Vines redevelopment is a repackaged version of the one already rejected by the community and JDAP. Picture: Anita McInnes

Housing plan for golf course angers residents

The latest Vines WA redevelopment proposal is strongly opposed by the Vines Residents and Ratepayers Association.
May 23, 2024
Anita McInnes

THE Vines Residents and Ratepayers Association remains opposed to plans put forward by The Vines WA, which involve using the existing driving range area for single storey housing for over 55s as well as premium townhouse-style homes.

VRRA said the company’s proposal was simply a reboxed version of the same redevelopment plan rejected by the JDAP and the community and was nothing more than a “land grab” by The Vines WA.

But The Vines WA director Mark Hohnen said the changes reflected a commitment to offering an attractive and sustainable golf and recreational experience.

“We are securing the future of golf at The Vines for decades to come,” he said.

Mr Hohnen said the resort’s owners had also listened to golfing members and residents as part of the planning process and would keep the Ellenbrook holes (numbers 3 to 11) as a stand-alone nine-hole course.

“These changes confirm The Vines as a complete golfing experience by offering 27 traditional holes, a short course, and a modern driving range, in addition to the mini-golf already offered.

VRRA said an application by The Vines WA to the joint development assessment panel (JDAP) to start the proposal through the development of a two-storey driving range was rejected in April 2023, following enormous opposition from the community and from all City of Swan councillors.

VRRA spokesman Rob Bradbury said more than 90 per cent of the community were opposed to the redevelopment plan when it was released three years ago and subsequently rejected by JDAP.

“Three years later, a repackaged version of the same redevelopment plan has now been issued under the guise of an ‘exciting new golf experience’,’’ he said.

“VRRA and the community remain steadfast in opposition to this project.’’

Swan Hills MLA Jessica Shaw said there were open questions about the new proposal.

"There is a high degree of skepticism about the delivery of facility upgrades, given players’ and residents’ past experiences,’’ she said.

“And although some residents will be happy that this plan seems to have a smaller footprint and no longer threatens their homes, others will still suffer adverse consequences – what happens to them?

“The obvious issues around environmental and amenity impacts on the entire Vines community also need to be examined.

“I’ve always been concerned that any redevelopment represents the thin end of the wedge.

"What guarantees do we have that we won’t be back here in 10 years’ time, facing another development application modelled on the original proposal, once this proposed program of work is delivered?

“We deserve answers to these questions.

“There’s a great opportunity here for the Country Club to proactively engage with the community.’’

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