Dr Terzi will be supervised for a period of six months with reports to be made to the regulation agency every two months.

Kalamunda dentist has registration reinstated

Terzi Dental dentist Peter Terzi's dental registration is reinstated but his nursing registration remains suspended until further notice.
May 9, 2024
Peter W Lewis

THE Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) has reinstated the dental registration of Peter Terzi from Terzi Dental in Kalamunda, but with a number of strict conditions.

On April 2 the State Administrative Tribunal of Western Australia imposed the following conditions on the registration of the practitioner under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law.

The AHPRA website states: “Following the imposition of these conditions the practitioner:

(a) must not employ, or allow the practice to employ, any female employee who is under the age of 18 years;

(b) must not have any personal contact with any female employee outside the workplace; and

(c) must not engage in any personal or private activities or engagements with any patient of the practitioner, the practice or any external practice otherwise than in accordance with the Code of Conduct.”

Other conditions involve the supervision of Dr Terzi, including:

The practitioner must engage Dr David Hallett and Dr Kang Kim (or any such other person approved by the board in the event that either person is unwilling or unable to continue as a supervisor) of his professional conduct and practise for a period of six months;

The practitioner must also ensure that the supervisors review, and if considered by either of them appropriate, audit the practitioner’s billing practises (including billing to patients, Medicare and private entities), working conditions of the practitioner’s workplace and adherence by the practitioner to these conditions;

Ensure that a supervisor meets the practitioner in the workplace or via video link at least once per fortnight, and at any other time the supervisor or supervisors consider appropriate without notice to the practitioner;

Ensure that the supervisors monitor the practitioner’s compliance with the Dental Board’s continuous professional development (CPD) program;

Attend any CPD course or training nominated by a supervisor including as to note-taking or billing practices;

Ensure that the supervisors provide a report to a nominated officer of AHPRA of the practitioner’s compliance with these conditions every two months for a total of six months, with the first such report to be provided on May 28.

Dr Terzi’s nursing registration remained suspended as of May 9.

In Nursing rego suspended for Kalamunda dentist, it was reported that Dr Terzi’s legal team said he also planned to appeal the board’s decision to suspend his nursing registration.

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