Councillor Dylan O’Connor was sworn in as deputy mayor at the October 31 special council meeting.

Kalamunda deputy mayor chosen

Two candidates contested the deputy mayor position at the City of Kalamunda with the first vote resulting in a tie.
November 9, 2023
Gera Kazakov

AFTER waiting seven days to re-vote for the deputy mayor, the City of Kalamunda has chosen North West ward councillor Dylan O’Connor for the position.

Cr O’Connor was sworn in as deputy mayor at the October 31 special council meeting after returning five votes. Running against was former deputy mayor Brooke O’Donnell who obtained four votes.

Council originally voted for the deputy major at the October 24 meeting, but the vote was moved to the October 31 special council meeting after the result was tied with both Cr O’Donnell and Cr O’Connor receiving four votes each.

Speaking at the October 31 meeting, newly elected North ward Cr David Modolo said that he was the cause of the seven-day delay in the deputy mayoral vote and apologised as he believed he did not have enough time to make an informed decision on the topic.

“Members of the public may not be aware that I was the councillor who voted informally and I wish to put on the record that I did so deliberately. I am a newly elected councillor of this city, I was only informed, officially, of my election the day before the vote was held,” he said.

“The office of the deputy mayor is an important one for this city, and I didn’t consider the 24 hours was sufficient time to inform myself of the adequacies of the candidates who were standing.”

Cr Modolo said he spent the seven days better informing himself on both candidates.

Speaking before the vote, Cr O’Connor said he will be looking to help the residents of High Wycombe south, Maida Vale south and will help to revitalise the Pickering Brook town centre as well.

“My focus on the residents of High Wycombe south and their plight as the painfully slow moving wheels of planning system in WA are having a negative effect on those residents and their lives in what should be their golden years,” he said.

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