WA Police’s Tactical Response Group’s bomb response unit visited La Salle College during national science week

La Salle joins forces with Tactical Response Group 

WA Police gave La Salle College a science week to remember through showcasing their latest bomb defusing technology.
August 17, 2023

LA SALLE College has hosted the WA Police tactical response group bomb response unit as part of their science week festivities.

The WA Police bomb response unit showcased their latest bomb defusing technology and robotics to the La Salle students, with college vice captain Jude Ryan describing the technology as awesome.

“National science week always kicks off with something cool to inspire students and having WA Police showcase a robotic dog was a great way to start the week.

“The innovation showcased all the different types of robotics and the suit for bomb diffusing was really cool,” he said.

La Salle learning science leader Jordy Henderson said she wanted to showcase innovation to the students in a way that was relevant, exciting and inspiring.

“Engaging with our local police made this possible. Many students were not aware of the technology used by our police, and I think after this visit a few will be eager to explore a possible future in the roles they offer,” Ms Henderson said.

TRG bomb response unit senior sergeant Steve Taylor said that police has always sought to adapt new technology to make the unit’s job safer.

“There are currently seven bomb technicians in the WA bomb response unit.

“When we are not in operations, we are training to maintain our skills,” he said.

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