Nationals WA leader Shane Love, Senator Bridget McKenzie, Central Wheatbelt MLA Mia Davies, Member for Central Wheatbelt, Nationals Central Wheatbelt candidate Lachlan Hunter and Legislative Council candidate Rob Horstman.

Live sheep export ban under national spotlight

Opposition to live sheep export bans made headlines.
June 20, 2024
Peter W Lewis

THE standing committee on agriculture’s public meeting for the live sheep phase out enquiry at Muresk on June 14 has attracted national media attention, with the issue also being aired on the 7.30 Report earlier this week.

The impact on farmers, their families, the agricultural industry in general and local communities was put under the spotlight, along with the consequences the ban would have on sheep prices and implications for the processing industry.

Farmers told the parliamentary inquiry that some Wheatbelt towns will not survive if the live sheep export trade is banned by 2028 as planned.

Farmers, shearers, truckies, agricultural workers and community members rolled up, while farming utes lined up for kilometres in a united front to oppose the federal government’s live sheep export ban.

Further exposure was given by the attendance of One Nation’s Pauline Hanson and Nationals senator for Victoria and leader of the Nationals in the Senate Bridget McKenzie.

Member for Central Wheatbelt MLA Mia Davies told Echo News that the Labor Party was an ideological menace with no conscience or understanding of our regional economy – and they need to go.

“They have treated this legitimate industry with contempt from the day they announced the decision.

“It is clear there has been no thought to the human or economic impact on the broader agricultural sector and communities that rely on it by removing this avenue for sheep producers and the supply chain.

“The rally through Perth, and the turn-up to Muresk for the Federal Parliament’s hastily convened inquiry was a superb show of force from our region and its supporters.

“The ‘Keep the Sheep’ convenors and organisers of the rallies have the full support of The Nationals here and in the federal parliament, and we’ll keep fighting for what is right. We stand with our farmers, shearers, stock agents, truckies, and small businesses and their families.

“I fear for the future of our schools, health services, volunteer run groups, businesses and communities, and I’m mad as hell that a Prime Minister and his government would be proud to create this stress and havoc simply because they’re chasing a few inner-city green votes in Melbourne and Sydney.

“I’d be disgusted that a federal government can be so cavalier with our international trading partners future food security, and our own. We should be proud of the superior meat and wool product that have been bred over generations, instead the Labor Party is throwing us under a bus.

“The Prime Minister rolled into the Lodge on the back of Western Australian votes, and I will be making sure every last minute I have in Parliament as the Member for Central Wheatbelt is dedicated to making sure they are shown the door.”

Nationals candidate for Kalamunda Lisa Logan said the announcement of the shutdown of the live export industry showed yet again that Labor simply doesn’t care.

“Labor doesn’t care about the agricultural industry, the people, our regional communities, or our international trade partners.

“As a former farmer, my thoughts are with all those whose livelihoods are being jeopardised and I stand in solidarity with the ‘Keep the Sheep’ convenors and organisers of the rallies,” she said

The ‘Keep the Sheep’ online petition has already attracted more than 57,000 signatures out of its goal of 60,000 signatures.

The online petition and further information on the ban can be found here.

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