NEXTDC has approval to amalgamate three lots in Malaga to build a new five-storey data centre.

Malaga data centre approved

The multimillion dollar data centre extension has been approved to be built but with conditions.
May 16, 2024
Anita McInnes

A DATA centre approved for Malaga has certain conditions applied such as being limited to a maximum number of 38 people (staff and customers) on site at any one time.

On May 8 the Outer Metro development assessment panel (DAP) approved the extension of  NEXTDC’s data centre (P1) within Lot 101 (No. 10) Malaga Drive into the two southern adjoining lots at Lot 327 (No. 10) and Lot 328 (No. 12), Millrose Drive.

The $56.4 million data centre extension will consist of a new five-storey building, with a mezzanine and plant equipment on the roof.

The first floor to the third floor will accommodate specialised data halls and the fourth and fifth floors will accommodate a chiller and pumps and generators respectively.

The three lots will form a 10,858sqm site with a second loading dock accommodating 8.8m long vehicles proposed within the extension.

NEXTDC had wanted to be able to have additional employees and customers permitted during events as well as emergency periods but an amending motion to that effect did not get the support of the majority of DAP members, which included Pearce ward councillor Aaron Bowman and Altone ward councillor Jennifer Catalano.

A second amending motion limiting the maximum number of people (staff and customers) on site at any one time to 38 with additional employees and customers permitted only during emergency periods – subject to a parking management plan being approved by the City of Swan prior to occupation of the development – was approved.

In March the city said the existing P1 data centre at 101 Malaga Drive, which was approved in December 2011 by the joint development assessment panel, had required 163 bays with 28 bays provided.

“As 38 bays are provided for the overall development this results in an overall shortfall of 332 car parking bays,’’ the city said.

“As previously advised, a condition limiting a maximum of 30 people (staff and customers) on
site, during peak time would be applied to justify the limited parking on-site.’’

NEXTDC said the intent of the condition was supported.

“We only request that the maximum number of staff and customers on site be increased to 38, to reflect the number of parking bays available on site.

“We also request that the condition allows for a ‘parking management plan’ be considered by the city, for when additional staff and customers are required on site, or NEXTDC holds small events.”

But the DAP panel expressed concern that the proposed extended use of the premises for events was not appropriate particularly given the large reduction in the number of parking bays and said the condition would ensure there was an appropriate parking management plan for emergencies.

The development application said NEXTDC provides data storage and communications solutions across Australia via a national network of data centre facilities.

It also said Malaga remained an excellent location for the infrastructure due to its proximity to critical network, power and submarine data cable infrastructure.

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