The microbat boxes the men's shed is building for bat's like the white striped mastif bat.

Microbat boxes to fight mozzies

The City of Kalamunda plans to use microbat boxes made by volunteers at the Foothills Men's Shed to study mosquito populations.
March 7, 2024

RESIDENTS within the City of Kalamunda are being encouraged to take part in the city’s microbat box initiative, a program designed to create habitats for local micro bats with the bonus of also trying to reduce mosquito numbers.

The microbat boxes are made by volunteers at the Foothills Men’s Shed in Forrestfield, and the city plans to collect data on mosquito populations once the boxes are active.

City of Kalamunda Mayor Margaret Thomas said the microbat box initiative has had an incredible impact over the past four years.

“With the collaborative efforts of our residents, the skilled hands of the Foothill’s Men’s Shed, and the dedication of our city officers, we’ve been able to provide cosy homes for our tiny, yet mighty, microbat population,” she said.

“These helpful creatures play a vital role in curbing local mosquito populations, contributing to a healthier ecosystem for us all.”

Residents who want to get involved can order their box through the city’s website, but must pay a fee to the men’s shed for their box to be constructed.

As the boxes are made by volunteers, the city said that the boxes themselves can take up to four weeks to be made.

To register, visit here.

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