The 902 bus service will replace the train operating out of High Wycombe station.

Midland and Airport line Easter closures

Transport Minister Riat Saffioti says this is the last time the lines will experience an extended shutdown.
March 28, 2024

PATRONS looking to use the Midland or Airport train lines over Easter will have to take replacement buses instead as the line shuts over the break for works as part of the state government’s Metronet works.

In Midland and Airport line shutdown for alignment the two train lines will be shut for 10 days from Thursday, March 28 until Monday, April 8.

While the train lines are shut, bus route 901 will be stopping all stations from Claisebrook to Midland.

A Midland-line peak period service will also be running during the working week and will run express from Claisebrook to Bassendean and beyond to Midland from Tuesday, April 2 to Friday, April 5.

Route 902 is the replacement service for the Airport line, running all stops from the city to High Wycombe.

The lines are shutting down for alignment works at the Bayswater station, with Transport Minister Rita Saffioti stating that this will be the last time the Midland and Airport line will experience an extended shutdown.

“We acknowledge the shutdown will be inconvenient, but it is necessary to progress the final steps in connecting the new Bayswater station to the Midland, Airport and Morley-Ellenbrook lines,” she said.

“We carefully considered the timing of this closure to ensure it had the least amount of impact possible, which is why we targeted the Easter school holidays.

“The completion of the rail realignment represents the final stage of construction on the new Metronet Bayswater station.”

Rural lines such as the Prospector and MerredinLink are also affected, with no replacement services set to run between East Perth and the Midland station.

Passengers taking the Indian Pacific will see their journey terminate at Kewdale freight terminal, with a replacement coach bus set to take passengers to East Perth station instead.

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