Midland elder abuse program is launched

Seniors and Aging Minister announces new program to help prevent elder abuse through legal aid services and community awareness.
September 28, 2023

MIDLAS’ new elder abuse prevention program, ‘Resilient Futures’ was officially launched in Midland last week by Seniors and Aging Minister Don Punch. 

The new service delivered by Midlas will provide support for the provision of wills, one of the greatest areas of unmet legal need in WA identified by Law Access in 2021. 

Currently, there are no other comparable services in the state which provide the breadth of legal assistance, free of charge, that will be delivered by Midlas. 

The program will provide legal assistance to older people in the community by ensuring they have a valid and up-to-date will, making an enduring power of attorney and/or guardianship, and providing an avenue for carers to make appropriate applications for guardianship and/or administration in the State Administrative Tribunal. 

The program will result in enhanced public awareness and prevention of elder abuse and its’ causes by improving early detection and self-identification as well as raising community awareness around the resources and assistance available. 

Midlas chief executive officer Gaelle Gouillou said the new service has highlighted the need for practical, legal solutions to protect the rights of people in our communities. 

“We are looking forward to contributing to the state government’s strategy to reduce the prevalence of abuse of older people in WA. The new service will provide access to practical, legal safeguards to protect the rights of older people at risk of or experiencing abuse,” she said. 

A Welcome to Country was performed by Whadjuk/Ballardong Elder Freda Ogilvie, and  attendees included Michelle Roberts MLA, Executive Director of Advisory Services for the Department of Justice Mark Hainsworth, Director of Inclusion, Strategy and Partnerships from the Department of Communities Sue Fielding, and Director of Allied Health and Outpatients Services for St John of God, Midland Erin Wilson. 

Funded through the Law Society’s public purposes trust grant which supports the protection of rights of older people, the 12-month funded pilot supports the recommendations of the state government’s strategy to respond to the abuse of older people 2019-2029. 

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