Tuohy Gardens Apartments are part of a model looking to provide secure, long term, affordable rental options in Midland.

Midland’s urban renewal precinct

Touhy Garden Apartments will soon provide more than 50 apartments as part of a plan to improve long-term housing supply within Midland.
April 4, 2024

IN a boost to WA’s long-term housing supply the state government, through DevelopmentWA, has finalised the sale of key land within Midland’s high-profile urban renewal precinct to Bluerock Projects.

Tuohy Garden Apartments will yield up to 51 apartments and will be available through an affordable build-to-rent initiative. 

Bluerock Projects will both develop and operate as a professional landlord for the site. The new model aims to provide secure, long term, affordable rental accommodation and will act as a next step in the scaling up of delivery across the state. 

Development approval has already been obtained for the site with construction anticipated to commence in the first half of 2024, with the first residents expected to be welcomed towards the end of 2025. The development will also incorporate 650sqm  of ground floor commercial space.

The Midland town centre, where the apartment site is being developed, is an urban renewal program within walking distance of the future Midland Metronet station and in the heart of Midland. 

Housing and Lands Minister John Carey said more than 50 new apartments were expected to be brought to the market through the innovative build-to-rent model.

“This is expected to be WA’s largest timber frame apartment complex and feature a range of sustainability features to further reduce the cost of living such as the inclusion of solar panels and a smart metering system, alongside batteries utilising A1,” he said.

“Other sustainable technologies include permeable paving systems for natural drainage, low carbon concrete and EV charging bays for visitors and residents.”

Midland MLA Michelle Roberts said the apartments would provide tenants with a modern home in the heart of the state government’s Midland town centre urban renewal program.

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