Hasluck MLA Tania Lawrence with Kalamunda students.

Mini Woolies on show

The mini Woolworths simulation will be used to help students with disabilities gain independence and learn new skills.
May 30, 2024

THE official opening of Kalamunda Secondary Education Support Centre's very own mini Woolies was held earlier this month.

Mini Woolies has been established to simulate the operations of an actual supermarket, with baskets for fresh food, shelving for groceries, ticketing, signage and Woolworths branded uniforms students can wear to create an immersive educational experience.

Using the registers, students also learned to scan grocery items and simulate a sale, with members from the local Woolworths Kalamunda team helping students and staff prepare for their mini Woolies experience by delivering groceries and teaching them how to use the registers.

Mini Woolies program general manager Sarah Corey said she looked forward to seeing how the Kalamunda community uses their new space to help students with disabilities gain independence and develop new skills for the future.

Hasluck MLA Tania Lawrence cut the ribbon with staff and students along with the mini Woolies team.

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