Motions put forward by Swan electors 

According to the Local Government Act 1995 all decisions made at the annual electors meeting are to be considered at the next ordinary meeting of council.
February 15, 2024

THIRTY-three motions were put forward at the City of Swan annual electors meeting held on February 5 with topics ranging from highway development, roundabout construction, public deputation time, pedestrian crossing installation, traffic congestion, fire preparedness and the freight line realignment.

Motions received in writing before the deadline were read out at the meeting.

Simon Ashby from Woodbridge Ratepayers Association (WRA) put forward a motion that the City of Swan hold a public information session to outline the details of the forthcoming four-lane highway development and interchange at Morrison Road and Great Eastern Highway.

The reason for the motion was with separate proposals by Metronet, Main Roads WA, and the City of Swan – on effectively the same portion of land – appeared to the community to have little co-ordination.

“None of the concerned parties have offered an overall explanation, instead there was an element of buck passing,’’ he wrote.

“We therefore ask to be informed as to how a sensible proposal, if justified, will be obtained.’’

Phillip Woods from Lockridge Progress Association put up a motion that the city immediately release all costs and time delays relating to the Daviot and Benara Road roundabout.

The motion also included that in future all information relating to projects that had commenced within the Altone ward be released to ratepayers of the city, including costs, delays and an explanation provided if these projects are delayed for any reason.

Lynn Deering from WRA put forward a motion that the city reinstate public deputation time to five minutes at council meetings, by amending the meeting procedures and protocols, by mid 2024.

The justification for this motion was that in 2023 the city included changes to the annual review of meeting procedures and protocols, with specific changes to time in which public deputations could be delivered and information provided.

“These changes effectively reduce input of the electorate in decision making and their exchange of ideas, views and perspectives upon the councils activities,’’ she wrote.

On behalf of the Bullsbrook Residents and Ratepayers Association (BRRA) president Anne Janes put forward a motion asking the City of Swan to bring forward their fire preparedness education and active monitoring to educate landowners to prepare their properties before the ground and vegetation dried out rather than when the ground and vegetation was tinder dry.

BRRA said it appreciated the effort the City of Swan and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services put in to educating the public regarding fire preparedness but it was still not enough.

“The fire season puts terrific responsibility on our volunteer fire fighters and emergency support, not to mention affects to the whole community,’’ BRRA said.

Claire Scanlan of Guildford raised a motion that the city advocate for a safe pedestrian crossing to be installed as a matter of urgency on James Street, near Attfield Street.

On behalf of WRA Mr Ashby put up a motion that the city hold a public information session to update residents on their position on the freight line realignment.

“We also request a report on the current status of the freight line realignment position with respect to federal and state governments as the lack of information is preventing progress within the City of Swan.’’

According to the Local Government Act 1995 all decisions made at the annual electors meeting are to be considered at the next ordinary meeting of council.

If at a meeting of the council a local government decides in response to a decision made at an annual electors meeting, the reasons for the decision are to be recorded in the minutes.

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