Santa with Mt Helena VBFB members Graham Stevens, Robin Gill, Henri Raafs and Dave Debono.

Mt Helena VBFB annual Christmas run back on

Santa's hitching a ride on a firetruck this year thanks to the Mt Helena Voluntary Bush Fire Brigade
November 30, 2023

MT Helena’s traditional Christmas run is on again this year.

As they have done for many years members of the Mt Helena Voluntary Bush Fire Brigade will have the pleasure of escorting Father Christmas through the Mt Helena fire district on Christmas morning.

Father Christmas is due to leave the Chidlow Street fire station about 7.30am and should have visited all homes by about noon.

Parents who would like their child to participate should leave suitable articles at the Mt Helena Post office during business hours between Thursday, December 7 and Thursday, December 21.

The presents must be of a size that can be easily handled (the fire truck is of a limited size even if Father Christmas’ sack is not) and they must be clearly labelled with the child’s name and address and where possible showing a street number rather than a lot number.

We also ask that children keep a look out and be waiting at the gate for Santa.

As he has a long way to go and a lot of people to see he will not be able to go up driveways and cannot wait too long if children are not present.

For any inquiries call 0457 202 523, 0407 010 252, 0438 519 764 or 0400 112 127.

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