Concerns were raised at the June 11 meeting that pockets of silt could pose a risk for visitors to the lake.

Mundaring addresses Lake Leschenaultia silt hazard concerns

Shire of Mundaring chief executive officer says the danger has been investigated and signage has been installed to warn visitors of pockets of silt.
July 4, 2024
Guanhao Cheng

DANGERS of silt in Lake Leschenaultia have been investigated and addressed by the Shire of Mundaring after a Glen Forrest resident raised the alarm.

Glen Forrest resident Stevie Braun wrote to the shire and in Concern over lake danger as she was worried people could step into ‘quicksilt’ in the lake: pockets of black silt that act like quicksand.

“Your feet sink into the silt until they reach the ground, but then the silt acts with suction to make it difficult to pull your feet out again,” she said.

“Your feet feel like they are glued to the ground and so it is impossible to shift your feet to balance yourself.

“Experiencing this as an elderly person I felt real fear as I struggled to maintain balance to keep upright.

“Let’s hope the council acts quickly to resolve the quicksilt danger in Lake Leschenaultia.”

Ms Braun then attended the June 11 ordinary council meeting to receive a response about the possible risk the silt posed for swimmers and young children.

During the meeting, strategic and community services director Megan Griffiths confirmed to Ms Braun that shire staff would get advice and look into it the following day.

Shire of Mundaring chief executive officer Jason Whiteaker said Tuesday last week that the recent concerns about silt had been assessed by shire staff.

“Measurements show that while the silt layer varies in depth, it does not pose a significant risk to the community,” he said.

“The silt in front of West Beach, where most visitors enter the water, is shallow, and the water provides enough buoyancy to prevent swimmers becoming stuck.

“However, we recommend increased vigilance and supervision, especially for small children.”

Mr Whiteaker said warning signage had been placed to alert visitors of the deeper silt areas and advise on safe practices.

“We are committed to ensuring the safety of all visitors and will continue monitoring and addressing any potential hazards,” he said.

“Regular assessments will be conducted to maintain a safe environment for everyone enjoying Lake Leschenaultia.”

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