Mr Thompson working on Mr Mann’s car.

Mundaring Mechanic saves Mann

A High Wycombe resident thought all was lost when his brake caliper flew off his car near Serpentine, until an unlikely hero turned up.
December 7, 2023
Andrew Williams

AFTER an unexpected act of kindness and generosity, a High Wycombe resident has been reunited with the retired Mundaring mechanic who helped him in his time of need.

On Friday, November 24, Keith Mann was travelling southbound on South Western Highway near Serpentine when the passenger side rear brake caliper on his Hyundai Accent flew off.

Mr Mann said an awful sound began and he quickly pulled off onto the emergency shoulder.

With his wife and two children, aged two and four, in the car Mr Mann attempted to solve the problem but admitted he was out of his depth.

Standing on the side of the highway in a deserted section, in 37-degree heat, he started to worry about how he was going to get his family home.

Fortunately for Mr Mann, moments later a passerby stopped to help, after seeing the concerned look on the father of two’s face.

Retired mechanic and Mundaring resident John Thompson was on his way south with his teenage son Lauchy, a state championship level motorcycle racer, for a race when he noticed Mr Mann on the side of the road.

“We came upon him pulled on the side of the road with the bonnet up looking flustered, and I thought we have to help this chap”, Mr Thompson said.

With safety in mind, Mr Mann limped his vehicle to the next exit so the retired mechanic could get to work.

In another stroke of luck a second mechanic, this one from Serpentine, stopped to assist.

“I can’t believe even one person would stop in this day and age and do something without any expectation of getting paid, let alone two,” Mr Mann  said.

With the two tradesmen at work, it took just 45 minutes before the car was made fit to get back on the road. Unfortunately, due to the stress of the situation, Mr Mann forgot the names of his rescuers and contacted Echo News with the hope of contacting Mr Thompson in order to pay him back and say thanks.

Echo News tracked down the Mundaring resident and put him in touch with Mr Mann, but Mr Thompson said no payment was necessary, he was just doing his civic duty, and that the simple act of getting in contact was enough thanks.

“The look on this chap’s face (Mr Mann) was worth bottling, it was great and that was our reward” Mr Thompson said.

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