New initiatives to crack down on school vaping

Minister Tony Buti said the prevalence of vapes in the community is a serious issue.
November 30, 2023

STRONG new measures to stamp out vaping in schools will be introduced by the state government.

New school behaviour policies have been updated and will result in a loss of a student’s good standing if found in possession of a vape.

Students caught vaping will risk being unable to attend school events like balls, graduations, and other extra-curricular activities.

Other initiatives include mandatory programs for Year 5-7 students designed to outline dangers of vaping before they embark on their secondary education, and new teaching and learning resources to deliver prevention education.

The Education Minister will also write to all parents to highlight health risks of vaping.

A trial of vape detectors announced last year will be expanded to include up to 10 schools.

The new policies are aimed at reducing the use of vapes in schools and addressing community concerns around their harmful effects among school-aged children, and include supporting the federal import ban and ending vape sales in convenience stores and other retail settings.

Minister Tony Buti said the prevalence of vapes in the community is a serious issue.

“The biggest misunderstanding is they are harmless compared to cigarettes – this is not true – vapes are not safe and they are contributing to a new generation of nicotine dependency,” Dr Buti said.

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