All Signs signage installer Mitch Fourie putting up a development notice. Picture: Guanhao Cheng

New Wattle Grove childcare and health facility proposal 

A childcare and allied medical facility is being proposed on the corner of Hale and Wimbridge Road, and residents are invited to provide comment.
June 6, 2024
Guanhao Cheng

CITY of Kalamunda has received a development application for a childcare and an allied health facility, and residents are being invited to comment.

The new facility is planned to contain a dental service, pharmacy, physiotherapy/chiropractor, podiatry clinic and a medical centre.

Neighbouring the health facility is the proposed childcare development which will sit on the corner facing Hale Road and Wimbridge Road.

The childcare is planned to operate with a capacity for 84 children and 17 staff members.

A planning report produced by Dynamic Planning and Developments said the proposal will include the development of a car parking area providing 11 bike racks and 61 parking spaces, with five reserved for ACROD parking and five for pick up and drop off use.

The overall new development will require 114 bays for parking but there is a 53-bay shortfall on paper that will need to be addressed.

It has been proposed that 43 trees will be planted within the site, 14 of which will operate as primary shade trees for vehicle parking.

The application is being assessed by the City of Kalamunda and will be determined by the metro outer joint development assessment panel (JDAP).

Residents can provide comment and access more information about the proposal, including the full planning report, through the Engage Kalamunda portal.

The feedback portal is open and will close at 5pm on Friday, July 5.

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