Paul Jackson, Blake Mercer and Owen Briffa were part of the 2023 cohort.

Nominations called for WA Youth Parliament

If you’re a young person passionate about issues and representing your community, then this is a program for you.
March 14, 2024

THE Y WA (formerly YMCA) is calling for the next generation of youth leaders to apply for the 29th Y WA Youth Parliament program.

This four-month program, run by the Y, offers a unique opportunity for young people to actively participate in the democratic process and have their voice heard by policy makers.

Offering an insight into the world of Australian politics, participants will draft, debate, and advocate for mock youth-focused legislation and gain insight into the workings of government and policy development.

Last year, Owen Briffa, Blake Mercer and Paul Jackson respectively represented their Kalamunda, Midland and West Swan electorates in the Youth Parliament Trio debates in youth Parliament (Echo News, July 21, 2023).

Mr Briffa debated a Bill for an Act to introduce online voting, require local government candidates to disclose their political and union affiliations on campaign material, require local governments conduct postal voting; reduce the frequency of local government elections to three years.

Mr Mercer, representing the Midland electorate, debated a Bill for an Act to introduce regulations to address artificial intelligence and impacts associated with its use, while Mr Jackson, representing West Swan, debated a Bill for an Act to improve healthcare services for Aboriginal Australians living in rural areas of Western Australia.

The Y WA strives to bring together a diverse group, encouraging young people aged 15 to 25 from all backgrounds to apply for the apolitical program, including applications from Aboriginal young people and young people living in rural and remote locations.

The program aims to secure representatives from all 59 electoral districts across WA.

“If you’re a young person passionate about issues and representing your community, then this is a program for you.

"You’ll learn to work with a diverse range of people, gain deeper knowledge of political systems including how to create your own legislation and write speeches and you will develop lifelong friendships and networks,” Y WA chief executive officer Dr Tim McDonald said.

Throughout the program, participants act as ‘youth members’, representing a state electorate in parliament.

The program culminates in members attending Parliament House and participating in a debate in the chamber.
Applications close on March 24.

To apply for the 2024 Y WA Youth Parliament program, visit

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