Parkerville youth care Christmas appeal and call for foster carers

Donations received will be used to buy gifts for the children and young people under the organisation’s care or accessing their services.
December 7, 2023

PARKERVILLE Children and Youth Care recently launched its annual Christmas appeal with an added call to action – not just to spread festive joy, but to create lasting transformations through both the appeal and their foster care recruitment campaign.

While some eagerly anticipate the festivities, others, whether separated from their families or facing adversities like homelessness for the first time, will navigate the challenges of the season without the stability of familiar surroundings or loved ones.

In these significant moments, the support of the community becomes essential for their comfort and connection, offering hope during a challenging period in their lives.

“Every child deserves to see their Christmas wishes fulfilled and experience a sense of being appreciated through the caring support of our community and the dedicated assistance of our team,”  said Parkerville Children and Youth Care chief executive officer Kim Brooklyn.

Contributions to the Parkerville Children and Youth Care Christmas Appeal can be made to

Every donation received will be directly allocated to purchasing gifts for the children and young people under the organisation’s care or accessing their services.

Any unused funds by Christmas 2023 will be directed toward birthday presents or back-to-school items for the same children and young people.

“Become the hero these WA Superkids need. Your support can make a significant impact,” Ms Brooklyn said.

The Parkerville care organisation is also asking for people to join their foster care family and is reaching out to caring individuals and families, urging them to join their foster care community and be a source of love and security for children in need.

Registrations are open, and interested individuals can find out more about foster care options by emailing

“We are in urgent need of a compassionate and dedicated individual or couple to come forward as a carer, delivering essential support and care for an eight-year-old,” Ms Brooklyn said.

This responsibility involves providing stability, cultural awareness, understanding, and a nurturing environment to positively influence the well-being of the child.

Parkerville Children and Youth Care provide radically personalised care to children and young people impacted by sexual assault, child abuse, homicide, homelessness and other adverse childhood experiences.

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