Artist render of the new Perth Film Studios.

‘Perth Film Studios’ is named for screen production facility

An operations agreement has been signed with funding of state government, moving the Perth film studio development closer to completion.
June 20, 2024

WA’s new multi-million-dollar screen production facility, currently under construction, has hit another key milestone with the signing of an operations agreement underpinned by funding from the state government.

Now formally named as ‘Perth Film Studios’, the new facility will be operated by Perth-based company Home Fire. The agreement covers a pre-operational period and the first 10 years of operation, with the option available to the state to renew for a further three 10-year periods.

The government has already committed $233.5 million to the construction and delivery of Perth Film Studios on a 16-hectare site on Marshall Road, near the new Malaga Metronet station. The facility will be open for productions from early 2026.

Additional funding of $57 has been approved by government to underpin the operations and facilities management of Perth Film Studios over the initial term and is repayable to the state from business operations. The new facility is expected to generate a variety of direct and indirect jobs and significant economic return over the long-term.

The facility is a crucial part of the state government’s longer term ‘screen industry strategy’ to develop and grow the local production industry over the next 10 years, by establishing WA as a major international and national film and television production destination.

The Arts and Culture Trust will be the owner of Perth Film Studios on behalf of the state government and upon completion of the build, it will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of the operations agreement with Home Fire.

The agreement finalises a rigorous three-year, staged process under the government’s market-led proposals policy to deliver an election commitment to diversify the state’s economy and develop a globally competitive screen industry in WA.

Market-led proposals enable the state government and the private sector to work together to create jobs and stimulate WA’s economy through development proposals.

Culture and the Arts Minister David Templeman said supporting WA’s film, television and digital media industry is a critical part of the state government’s commitment to diversify the economy and create highly skilled job opportunities, particularly in an area that needs to both train and retain local talent.

“Our state has an abundance of magnificent scenic locations, ideal for a diverse range of filmmaking genres, and is already home to an extremely talented, world-class creative sector.

“Along with the roadmap for the future outlined in our WA screen industry strategy, Perth Film Studios will put us in a strong position to attract high-quality national and international film and television projects to our state.

“The outcome demonstrates the innovation and creativity that can be achieved by working with the private sector to harness the expertise of relevant industries,” he said.

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