Parking in Ellenbrook town centre is already under pressure.

Public comment needed for train station parking 

The City of Swan is seeking public comments on its draft parking management plan.
July 4, 2024
Mike Peeters

THE new Ellenbrook train station is now complete and expected to be open and operational in early 2025.

Expecting a significant increase in pressure on parking around the train station, the City of Swan is now seeking public comments on its draft parking management plan.

The plan will provide valuable guidance on how best to manage the parking in the Ellenbrook town centre.

It is intended to help ensure that parking is available to visitors and customers in the town centre, and that commuters utilise the new train station parking in the dedicated parking area.

Located in the heart of Ellenbrook town centre, the new station includes a 12-stand bus interchange and 500 parking bays (including disability), as well as a 150-metre-long sheltered island platform.

With a five-star Green Star Design review rating, the station also boasts 200 solar panels and 10 electric vehicle charging bays in the design.

“When our government makes commitments, we deliver on them – and today marks a major milestone in our commitment to deliver a train line to Ellenbrook,” said WA Transport Minister Rita Saffioti.

“Communities in our growing north-east corridor have been crying out for better public transport options, and I am proud that our government is making that a reality.”

Aveley resident Phil Bennett said although he was pleased that Ellenbrook was getting a new station, he would have liked to have seen a lot more designated parking around the area.

“The majority of people just don’t like walking and even if we factor in the existing parking available at the big shops, I don’t think there will be enough when both the train station and bus interchange open up,” he said.

“I believe local and state governments should also be considering the additional parking needed when the highly anticipated, revamped Ellenbrook Leisure Centre being built nearby finally opens.”

A City of Swan spokesperson said construction of the new leisure centre was due to start in 2025 and was scheduled for completion in 2027.

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