Some residents want Nurstead Avenue included in the heritage area. Picture: Google Maps

Residents seek to extend heritage

Residents of Nurstead Avenue in Bassendean are seeking extra heritage but Martin Jaine from heritage-listed Earlsferry House is unsure what the fuss is about.
February 1, 2024
Anita McInnes

THE Town of Bassendean has voted to proceed with its amended heritage planning including the designation of the proposed Earlsferry heritage area while also requesting a report on the Nurstead Avenue precinct.

This came about after some town residents asked for Nurstead Avenue to be included in the heritage area.

At the December council meeting Jean Anning of Nurstead Avenue made a statement to the council about the submissions to include Nurstead Avenue and 8 Thompson Road in the proposed Earlsferry heritage area.

The minutes said she described the historical context around the four properties listed on the town’s heritage survey and was unsure why other properties of the same era had not been included on the heritage survey.

Fifty per cent of Nurstead Avenue responded to the consultation with almost unanimous support for Nurstead Avenue to be included in the heritage precinct.

Nurstead Avenue resident Katharina Wolf told Echo News the Nurstead area was of unique value as residents had preserved the original cluster of early 1900s federation homes, maintaining their street appeal and key architectural features.

“This area compliments Earslferry House – indeed I’d argue that the historical value of the category 1 listed Earlsferry House and guided bridge sites are contextualised by the cluster of houses in Nurstead Avenue,’’ she said.

“At a time where new estates pop up right left and centre, I believe it’s crucial that we recognise the detail and planning that has gone into these early settlements.

“West Guildford was originally marketed as a weekend escape location from the city – similar to the likes of Dalkeith.

“The fact that the Success Hill railway station was established in the first place speaks to the social role of this area, which is much older than what is today known as Bassendean.

“So yes, I would encourage every single resident to value, protect and celebrate their local history and to embrace any measures to protect historical landmarks into the future.

“This particular area is loved by locals - not just the actual residents of Nurstead Avenue.

“It’s on the town’s heritage trail and sought out by many (dog) walkers.

“There is a special feel about this little pocket of Bassendean.”

But Martin Jaine from Earlsferry House told the council they had not had anyone come and see them about the heritage proposal.

“We are already on the heritage listing and the houses at the front aren’t of a heritage precinct so we can’t build anything, so I’m not really sure what this heritage thing is all about,’’ he said.

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