Fiona Stanley Hospital state clinical nurse specialist Irene Buckley has retired after a 46-year career.

Retirement beckons for nurse after 46 years

Her retirement plans include travelling, renovating her house and making countless clothes for her granddaughters.
February 22, 2024

Bassendean resident, former Fiona Stanley Hospital state rehabilitation service clinical nurse specialist Irene Buckley recently got to hang up her scrubs for the final time following an incredible 46-year nursing career.

Irene began her career on her 18th birthday in 1978 as a student nurse with the WA School of Nursing, training at Royal Perth Hospital.

“Working on the wards as a student nurse was the best grounding that a person could get in nursing experience,” Irene said.

“When I finished my three years of training, I had the skills to coordinate a ward and deal with many difficult situations.”

She specialised in rehabilitation nursing with various roles at Royal Perth, Osborne Park and Geraldton Regional hospitals as well as the Royal Perth Rehabilitation Hospital (Shenton Park campus).

But it was her work at the state rehabilitation service that she said she treasured the most.

Irene worked as a clinical nurse specialist on the acquired brain injury rehabilitation ward from the time it opened in Oc    tober 2014 and was involved in numerous initiatives to better support patients.

“By far the highlight of my career was being involved in the move from the Shenton Park campus to the new state rehabilitation service at Fiona Stanley Hospital,” Irene said.

“Moving to a brand-new hospital that was purpose-built for our patients was an exciting time for everyone involved.

“I remember being driven down the freeway with the first bus load of patients to welcome them to the new state-of-the-art rehab facility – it was truly an incredible experience knowing what a difference it would make to their lives.”

Irene’s retirement plans include travelling, renovating her house and making countless clothes for her granddaughters.

“I will miss all the people I work with,” Irene said.

“We have an amazing team of nurses, doctors and allied health staff who work as a team day in and day out to enable our patients to be as independent as possible and to help them return to life at home.”

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