Services Minister Bill Shorten says most of the victims affected by Robodebt have been compensated. Picture: Gera Kazakov

Robodebt misery extends far and wide

Robodebt affected 2757 people in the federal seat of Swan, according to Swan MHR Zaneta Mascarenhas.
September 7, 2023
Gera Kazakov

FIGURES released by Swan MHR Zaneta Mascarenhas paint a harrowing picture of the number of victims of Robodebt, while Services Australia were unable to verify the numbers.

The figures show 40,793 of the 434,901 victims were from WA, with 262 in the Shire of Northam, 742 within the City of Kalamunda and 431 within the Shire of Mundaring.

Figures for Swan, which Ms Mascarenhas’ office said “encompasses wholly the LGAs of City of South Perth, City of Belmont, Town of Victoria and parts of the City of Canning and the City of Kalamunda,” contain a total of 2757 victims.

Ms Mascarenhas said the victims of Robodebt stretched across the entire state, with some in Albany, Leonora and Broome.

Speaking to Echo News, federal Government Services Minister Bill Shorten said that most of the victims affected by Robodebt have been compensated.

“We’ve made sure that all the money which was unlawfully raised by these illegal debt notices has been repaid.

“I think we’re at 99 per cent plus of money’s gone back.

“The only reason why someone hasn’t got it, is we have to find the addresses of some people,” he said.

Mr Shorten said the federal government was now considering the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Robodebt and said he wished that it had never taken place to begin with.

“I don’t think anyone can properly compensate the victims – I wish it had just never happened,” he said.

Ms Mascarenhas said the real victims of the unlawful program were the thousands of people from Western Australia.

“Robodebt was wrong and almost 4000 local people know it – I want their voices heard.

“They are the real victims here,” she said.

Services Australia was contacted for comment.

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