Mr Tenney said he’s confident he’ll be able to handle any challenges that come his way. Picture: Andrew Williams

Sacred Heart’s new principal

Incoming principal Mark Tenney called Sacred Heart Primary School a lovely small school tucked away in the hills.
January 11, 2024
Andrew Williams

SACRED Heart Primary School in Mundaring has welcomed its first new principal in more than a decade.

Incoming principal Mark Tenney said he had big shoes to fill in replacing George Firns, who retired last December after 11 years as the catholic school’s principal.

“He’s definitely left his mark on the school, and he’s been brilliant in helping the transition of me coming in,” Mr Tenney said.

“He’s been a brilliant servant of the school, and it was sad to see him go but I’m excited to step into his shoes and continue his legacy at the school.

“I’m really excited about this new chapter in Sacred Heart’s history, and I’m really looking forward to the opportunities the kids will experience going forward.”

For the last six years Mr Tenney was the assistant principal of St Matthew’s school in Narrogin.

During COVID, as teaching transitioned online, Mr Tenney used the opportunity to finish his post graduate teaching degrees, and now holds a Master of Education in leadership, and a Master of Education in religious education.

Sacred Heart Primary School teaches more than 150 students from pre-kindergarten to year 6 which Mr Tenney said creates a personalised approach for every child.

“What has struck me so far is the school is very personalised and individualised, not only as a parent coming in but also as a principal.”

A father of four, Mr Tenney’s own children will be starting at Sacred Heart this year.

“It seemed like a beautiful school and community, a great place to bring my family and kids along to as well.

“It’s a lovely small school tucked away in the hills. Sort of like the hills best kept secret,” he said.

Mr Tenney said his initial goal is to get to know the students, parents, and staff, and so far, he has felt very welcome in the community.

“We have a whole range of different backgrounds and cultures at the school, there is a misconception that you have to be catholic to attend a catholic school, but anyone is welcome,” he said.

“Parents are more than welcome to come in and say hello and have a walk around to familiarise themselves with the school before the school year starts.”

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