The Richardson's property in Guildford.

SAT rejects Swan mayor’s reno

The State Administrative Tribunal has ruled against some renovations to the City of Swan mayor's home.
March 7, 2024
Andrew Williams

THE State Administrative Tribunal has ruled against City of Swan Mayor Tanya Richardson’s husband’s applications to renovate their Guildford heritage listed home.

The decision was handed down on Tuesday, February 27, after three years of back and forth between Mrs Richardson, her husband Daniel Richardson, and the City of Swan’s planning department over alterations to their home on James Street, including the addition of a black iron fence.

In 2018 the Richardson’s were granted development approval for renovations, and in 2021 the City of Swan granted conditional approval for amendments made to the 2018 approved plans.

The amended renovation elements that were approved included the addition of seven sky lights and 22 solar panels to the property’s roof, the return of the existing painted face bricks of the house to a natural brick colour, the installation of a Victorian fan gable infill, a double carport, and a pool gazebo.

However, what was not approved, and what escalated the matter to the SAT, was the installation of a new black iron spear fence and a balcony with French appurtenant doors.

The SAT documents stated the style and form of fencing didn’t match the federation period style of the house or surrounding Guildford heritage area.

The City of Swan’s planning departments argument was the black iron spear fencing along Hubert St would have a ‘discordant visual impact’.

“The prevailing character, style and amenity of the street is defined in part by the use of timber picket fences and the use of black iron spear infill within the fence will not only not enhance the character of the streetscape, but it will have a ‘discordant visual impact,” the SAT document stated.

The Tribunal agreed.

Likewise, the issue of the balcony and the French appurtenant doors was found by the Tribunal to be “not consistent with the style of the simple Federation Queen Anne contributory dwelling... and should therefore not be approved.”

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