The repossession notice at 28 Scaddan Street, Bassendean. Picture: Gera Kazakov

Scaddan Street apartments repossessed

The Town of Bassendean said a demolition application for the site had to be received byThursday, March 14.
March 14, 2024

AFTER an appeal at the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) was dropped, the apartments on 28 Scaddan Street in Bassendean are now one step closer to demolition.
The Town of Bassendean said a demolition application for the site must be received by Thursday, March 14.
“The mortgagee is aware of this deadline and seeking to comply with it,” the town said.
The deadline comes after the SAT case appealing the town’s demolition orders was withdrawn by 28 Bassendean Pty Ltd, a company also owned by FTD construction’s owner Ricky Hirsch.
The Scaddan Street apartments have now been repossessed.
In Scaddan Street apartments in SAT limbo (Echo News, February 16) the town had questioned the sites steelwork compliance, while earlier in the year Mr Hirsch’s FTD construction entered liquidation, months after the Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety’s Building and Energy division stripped the builder of their registration.

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