Students Savannah and Layla celebrate with Men’s Shed members Mark and Ray.

School ‘all fired up’ over new rack

Students from Chidlow Primary School were delighted to receive a brand new clay model drying rack made by the Midland Men's Shed.
June 6, 2024
Mike Peeters

AFTER the school’s original clay model drying rack was accidentally thrown out, Year 6 Chidlow Primary School students, Savannah and Layla, were thrilled to receive a brand-new rack on behalf of the school.

The gift was made, delivered, and donated by the Midland Men’s Shed with shed members Ray and Mark on hand to present it to the school.

Chidlow PS corporate services manager Kyllie Kendrick said the generous donation was a fantastic example of community spirit.

“The students and staff greatly appreciate this gift, which will bring many years of enjoyment and creativity,” she said.

“With our pottery kiln in the dedicated art and science room, numerous clay projects are now in the works.”

The new dryer will provide the ideal receptacle for the children’s clay models as the shelves can be lifted in and out depending on the size of the models.

It is also on casters which means it can be easily moved around the art and science room.

“This gift truly resonates with one of Chidlow Primary School’s mottos: ‘Working together’,” Ms Kendrick said.

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