Viveash residents want the bund designed to buffer the ‘old Viveash’ area from the brickworks to stay but the SPC says it’s not a reasonable approach.

Some modifications for Viveash proposal

Viveash residents want the bund designed to buffer the ‘old Viveash’ area from the brickworks to stay but the SPC says it’s not a reasonable approach.
April 11, 2024
Anita McInnes

A PROPOSED Viveash structure plan – about which public submissions raised key issues including removal of a bund, the shortfall of public open space and projected aircraft noise – needs some modifications before being resubmitted for approval, according to the statutory planning committee.

The state statutory planning committee (SPC) said it was dealing with the Rivermark area 3 local structure plan as certain aspects of the officer recommendation were not consistent with the recommendation of the City of Swan and as discretion was required in regard to the application of state planning policy 5.1 – land use planning in the vicinity of Perth Airport as it applied to residential density.

In a deputation to the SPC residents concerned about the proposed structure plan said state planning regarding residential design codes for housing development within 20-25 Australian noise exposure forecast contours suggested area 3 should be restricted to a density of R20.

According to the April 16 agenda the SPC is recommending the maximum number of residential lots permitted in the structure plan area should not exceed the average dwelling yield achievable at the R20 residential density code, but that still appears to contain a section of R10 along Cranwood Crescent and pockets of R30 density.

Perth Airport also raised concern with the site being about 140m from the extended centreline of the airport’s new runway and advised the site would experience more intensive and frequent aircraft movements than currently experienced.

The SPC has recommended that a notification be placed on the certificates of title of the proposed lots advising the lot is affected, or may in the future be affected by aircraft noise.

“Notice of this notification is to be included on the diagram or plan of survey (deposited plan),’’ the SPC agenda said.

“The wording of this notification is to be consistent with the wording specified in WAPC model subdivision conditions or state planning policy 5.1.’’

The structure plan proposes the removal of the existing bund with big R10 landscape lots  proposed in the vicinity of the bund with the intention of retaining existing mature trees where possible.

In a deputation a resident said the developer Hesperia had negotiated R30 density to offset R10 density, which would “allow for some bigger blocks with a dinky row of trees out front”.

“This is their commitment to providing trees in the development,’’ they said.

“There is no protection for these trees on private land where bigger blocks are purchased for big sheds, carports, vans and boats.”

The SPC is recommending an indicative tree protection plan to identify trees for retention within the R10 landscape lots.

“A landscape plan is to be implemented as a condition of subdivision, detailing how the landscape setback area will be landscaped with a planting schedule confirming the species, numbers and planting size and how the proposal complies with the approved bushfire management plan,’’ the SPC agenda said.

“Where removal is proposed the plan is to consider the location of new trees and a planting schedule confirming the species, planting size and number of trees to be planted at a rate of two new trees to one replaced where proposed (or at a rate of three new trees to one replaced if done retrospectively).’’

The community wanted to retain the earth bund and associated vegetation which was initially erected to buffer ‘old Viveash’ from the brickworks.

“It is a mix of some native vegetation and non-endemic species,’’ they said.

“It has grown over time and provides great amenity to current residents.’’

But the SPC said while the Swan council resolution to retain the bund was acknowledged its retention within either a road reserve or public open space was not considered reasonable.

“As such, the most reasonable approach should be towards retaining mature trees where practicable adjacent to the bund.

“Therefore, the proposed removal of the existing bund is supported and appropriate modifications are recommended to facilitate mature tree retention adjacent to the bund.’’

The SPC is also recommending that final approval to a modified version of the Structure Plan not be given until such time as Amendment 209 to the City of Swan local planning scheme No. 17 has been gazetted.

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