Other councils have already adopted a similar system with the red bin being a different size to Kalamunda's proposal.

Spring to bring FOGO to City of Kalamunda

Residents are set to recieve a smaller 140-litre red bin alongside havig an existing 240-litre green and yellow lidded bin.
March 7, 2024

THE City of Kalamunda says that it will introduce a food organics garden organics (FOGO) bin system within the city in September or October this year.

The FOGO bin system will be delivered to all households within the city with an existing domestic rubbish and recycling bin service, with residents set to receive a smaller red-lidded 140 litre general waste bin.

The new three bin system will see the 240-litre yellow recycling bin stay the same, while the 240-litre green lidded bin will be specifically for food scraps and garden clippings, which can also be turned into compost.

Both the yellow and red-lidded bins will be collected fortnightly on alternating weeks, while the green bin will be collected weekly, according to the City of Kalamunda.

“If you find your household is struggling with capacity issues after you start using the new bins, contact us to see if a solution can be provided for you,” the city’s website states.

The move to FOGO comes as the city ended its 25-year-long partnership with the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council and instead sought tenders on companies to convert FOGO waste into compost in line with the state and city’s waste plans.

“We have reached a point in the journey where the city needs to directly manage its waste, for the benefit of all,” Mayor Margaret Thomas said.

The FOGO bin system is run by the state government and the Waste Authority through the better bins program and the better bins: go FOGO program.

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