Ray and Kaye Stannard with their children Lance, Trinette and Trevor.

Still together, Hills forever

The couple have supported each other through hard times and after 60 years are still smitten.
November 30, 2023
Andrew Williams

THE relationship of lifelong Perth Hills residents Ray and Kaye Stannard has withstood the test of time as the couple celebrates 60 years of marriage this week.

They met at a community formal in 1958 and after five years of courting were wed on November 30, 1963, at the Mt Helena Methodist Church, had the reception at the Mundaring Hall, and had their photos taken at the Mundaring Weir.

Ray and Kaye moved to Greenmount after their wedding and have lived there ever since, bringing three wonderful children into the world, Lance, Trevor, and Trinette.

A quiet celebration was had during the week leading up to the anniversary on Thursday, which saw Kaye’s bridesmaid make the trip down from Dongara to reminisce over dinner.

Ray grew up in Sawyers Valley breeding and raising poultry, which would remain a lifelong passion and he would end up winning awards at the royal show for his chooks. He finished a wood machinist apprenticeship before moving on and working on boats.

He built a 16-and-a-half-foot fiberglass boat for the family which created years of memories for the family fishing and water skiing in the Swan River and in Augusta, for the family’s Easter holidays.

Kaye was raised on her family farm in Mt Helena, which would become a mainstay for the family as they would return for a weekly roast dinner as the kids grew up.

An avid sports fan, Kaye has been heavily involved in the Chidlow and Mundaring hockey clubs over the years.

Their shared interest in sport extends to their kids as their eldest son said they always had time to support and help him and his siblings with little athletics and all their sporting passions.

Even now, Lance said a typical day would find them watching whatever sport they could find, with particular fondness for tennis, cricket, AFL, and the Tour de France.

Lance said his parents have a great relationship, have supported each other through hard times and, after 60 years, are still smitten.

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