Izzy Eastman and Penny Blyth in front of 12 Mead Street, Kalamunda. Picture: Gera Kazakov

Students’ petition kick-starts change in Kalamunda

Izzy Eastman and Penny Blyth presented a petition with almost 1000 signatures to the City of Kalamunda in August hoping to spark change.
November 9, 2023
Gera Kazakov

SITTING unused for more than a decade, 12 Mead Street in Kalamunda has finally been put on the market.

Helena College students Izzy Eastman and Penny Blyth presented a petition at the August City of Kalamunda ordinary council meeting with almost 1000 signatures calling to either remove or redevelop the building.

Now that the building has hit the market, Izzy and Penny said it was an amazing feeling seeing the building go up for sale.

“We put in so much hard work and so has everyone else in the community, so we’re just proud that it finally happened,” Izzy said.

The petition they presented was part of a school community project and they said they were confident the work they put into the project will net them a good grade.

The pair said that the community presented them with many ideas with what the building could be turned into if the sale went through, with some ideas being a boutique hotel or more hospitality venues.

“A lot of people were also supporting our idea of a women’s trade centre,” Penny said.

Socks had also been tied to the temporary fencing surrounding the building, but most had since been removed.

When Echo News visited the site this week, a lone pair of socks had been tied to the fence at the northern corner where the shops begin on Kalamunda central mall.

The two-story building is being marketed by real estate agency Colliers as a “blank canvas opportunity” in the heart of Kalamunda.

The Colliers listing states the property has permitted uses as a childcare centre, consulting rooms, a medical centre, a shop, offices or even a small bar.

The property is offered for sale by expressions of interest, which close December 6.

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