Swan and Kalamunda urban greening grants

Funding of almost $6 million will go towards planting more than 9000 trees and close to 30,000 understorey species.
March 28, 2024

THE cities of Swan and Kalamunda will both benefit from a program to support urban canopies and help fight climate change.

The urban greening grants program, managed by the WA Local Government Association and funded by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, will see support for local governments to plant trees and understorey vegetation across two funding rounds.

Funding of almost $6 million will go towards planting more than 9000 trees and close to 30,000 understorey species between May and July in 13 local authorities.

The City of Kalamunda keeping it cool program will see an injection of $55,664 for the planting of trees and understorey along a key thoroughfare corridor in Forrestfield, which is complemented by the presence of a creek that provides a water source for the cockatoos.

The planting will counteract the adverse impacts of the urban heat island effect, create a local ecological linkage and provide a feeding and roosting site for black cockatoos.

Meanwhile the City of Swan’s urban tree canopy street tree planting program will benefit to the tune of more than $43,000 for the planting of trees on verges along streets highly used by families with young children and the elderly in high urban heat areas.

Footpaths will also link to amenities such as playgrounds, parks, sports fields and schools.

Urban canopies and understorey vegetation can help cool our streets and homes by providing shade, increase biodiversity by creating habitat and nature links, and provide natural places that benefit our health and wellbeing.

Environment Minister Reece Whitby said the state government was committed to mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change.

“By promoting biodiversity and reducing the need for artificial cooling and heating, urban canopies can significantly contribute to reducing carbon emissions and improving wellbeing,” he said.

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