Speakers Rachel Robertson and Tony Williamson will be at the next Hour of Power.

Swan Chamber May ‘Hour of Power’

A Swan City Youth Service general manager and a multiple industry general manager will be heading the event early in May.
May 2, 2024

SWAN Chamber of Commerce’s next monthly ‘Hour of Power’ will be held on Wednesday, May 8 from 10.30am at the Crooked Spire Coffee & Arthouse, Midland.

Since 2018, speaker Rachel Robertson has been a dedicated youth worker and counsellor, and is currently the Swan City Youth Service general manager.

At the 2023 Swan Business Awards, Swan City Youth Service were the ‘not-for-profit initiative’ award winners for their incredible schedule of enormously engaging youth events.

Tony Williamson is the second featured speaker for the May event and is an experienced general manager and team leader across a number of industries.

Presently, he is general manager of Bailey Brewing Co, a ‘excellence in tourism, large business’ 2023 Swan Business Award winner and also chairperson at Radio Lollipop WA.

“We are excited to invite Rachel and Tony to present at our Hour of Power and share with us their professional journey and their passion for doing what they do,” Swan Chamber chief executive officer Tom Smilovitis said.

This free monthly event is facilitated by Shane and Leanne Wilcox of SLW Transport, Swan Chamber of Commerce sponsors and Swan Business Awards 2023 winners of the ‘business person/s of the year’ award.

To register for this free monthly event go here.

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