Last year electors put forward 43 motions with the City of Swan's responses available on its website. Picture: Anita McInnes

Swan meeting of electors on Monday

The 2024 City of Swan annual meeting of electors will be held at Ballajura Community College on February 5.
February 1, 2024
Anita McInnes

THE City of Swan annual meeting of electors will be held at Ballajura Community College on Monday, February 5, starting at 6pm and concluding at the latest by 9pm.

Last year electors put forward 43 motions with the city’s responses available on its website – most of the city’s comments also included that no further report was required.

Patrick Irwin of Woodbridge put forward a motion that the whole of greater Midland area traffic planning by Main Roads WA and Transperth be obtained and made available to the council and the public.

The city said the matter had been dealt with as part of a notice of motion from Midland Guildford councillor Sarah Howlett on May 4, 2022.

“The city has written to the state government and requested a copy of the “Jacobs 2021 Traffic Report”, which will be reported back to the council when it is received,’’ the city said.

A motion put forward by Kerry Rowe from the Upper Swan District Ratepayers and Residents Association requested that contact details of the operations/quarry manager be displayed on front gates of all extraction sites within the City of Swan, especially Upper Swan and surrounds.

The city said it was currently reviewing the existing local planning policy pertaining to extractive operations and has received responses from stakeholders to a scoping questionnaire on issues associated with extractive activities.

“Site management obligations by proponents will be addressed as part of a new draft policy to be provided for public comment in 2024,’’ the city said.

Woodbridge resident Francesca Irwin put up a motion that the city apply for Lottery West Funding to create history walks plaques for Midland.

“The city is currently reviewing its local heritage survey with stage 1 being properties in Midland,’’ the city said.

“This needs to be undertaken prior to any walk trail marking being identified to ensure the correct information and subsequent costs being identified.”

Former councillor Claire Scanlan of Guildford’s motion was that the council provide a safe pedestrian crossing on James Street near Attfield Street in Guildford to enable access to East Guildford train station and local schools.

“It is within the city’s 10-year plan to construct this crossing as part of the cycle strategy,’’ the city said.

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