The AmberChes spirits distillery family, Heather, Alicia, Lauren and Dean Stewart.

Swan Valley distiller wins award

A Swan Valley family run business, is celebrating a recent win at this year’s Global Gin Masters in the UK.
July 25, 2023

AMBERCHES Spirits Distillery, a family-run business in the Swan Valley, is celebrating a recent win at this year’s Global Gin Masters in the UK, where they were awarded a master’s medal and two gold medals.

“To be given such an accolade when judged against some of the best gins and distilleries in the world is something I never dreamed of when I made my first gin,” 26-year-old Alicia Stewart, one of Australia’s youngest distillers and a key member of the AmberChes team said.

“But it is a great inspiration to continue experimenting and expanding our range.”
Alicia’s research for her Masters in Chemical Engineering was the inspiration behind the gin, and the business was born.

AmberChes Spirits is run by Dean, Alicia, and Lauren, all of whom have backgrounds in engineering, while Heather is a former lawyer. The family dog, an Irish Setter named Chester, inspired the name AmberChes.

The top award was for their Christmas Gin, which features spicy and fruity flavours that evoke the holiday season.

The Global Spirits Masters Competition is a global competition with the top awards for truly outstanding spirits. Winning a master’s medal and two gold medals at this competition is a significant achievement for the distillery, and a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation.
Despite only starting to make gins a little more than two years ago, they have already won many international awards, and last year won a master’s medal for their Botanical Gin in the same competition.

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