Swan’s free trees and plants giveaway

The program has expanded to include rural and urban residents, giving everyone a chance to add to the city’s urban canopy.
February 22, 2024

THE City of Swan’s free trees and plants giveaway is back for 2024, with tens of thousands of native seedlings up for grabs.

The program has expanded over the last two years to include rural and urban residents, giving everyone a chance to add to the city’s urban canopy.

There are more than 45,000 native plants and trees available overall, with different species of native seedlings to be distributed based on the size of each resident’s property.

City of Swan Mayor Tanya Richardson said the city had decided to include urban residents in the giveaway once again after the positive response last year.

“Extending the free trees and plants giveaway to residents in our urban areas has been well received and is helping us improve our tree canopy in these areas,” Mrs Richardson said.

“The city works with Trillion Trees – a community nursery in Hazelmere – to grow the native, waterwise seedlings for our residents.

“The native varieties are a hardy, low-maintenance choice which enhance our urban forest, support building shaded spaces and create habitats for biodiversity.”

Trillion Trees Australia chief executive officer Denise True, said the giveaway was a fantastic chance for people to make a widespread impact on their community.

“Our staff and volunteers are extremely passionate about growing seedlings, restoring our urban landscapes and increasing tree canopy which can reduce heat effects in our suburbs by up to 10 per cent,” Ms True said.

“Working with the City of Swan helps us continue our mission and we’re able to see the effects every day as we drive through the city to the nursery.”

Urban residents – those who live on properties smaller than 4000sqm – are eligible for an urban pack, containing a pre-selected assortment of six native species, suitable for smaller properties. It includes a mix of shrubs, strappy-leafed ground covers and climbers.

Rural residents – those living on properties larger than 4000sqm – are eligible for a rural pack. These residents need to select their top 10 species preferences from the city’s species list.

Applications are open until Sunday, March 31 but residents are encouraged to apply early to avoid missing out.

To learn more and apply, visit www.swan.wa.gov.au/freetrees

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