Record breaking ultra cyclist Jack Thompson has spoken to more than 3000 students across the state.

Ultra cyclist sets Munda Biddi record

Perth ultra-cyclist Jack Thompson 's finished his talking tour of WA schools at Mundaring Christian College.
December 14, 2023
Andrew Williams

AFTER setting a new fastest time record for the Mundaring to Albany Munda Biddi trail last month, Perth ultra-cyclist Jack Thompson has taken his story on a tour of WA schools.

Mr Thompson achieved the incredible feat in just two days, 12 hours and 15 minutes, arriving at the Albany terminus on Sunday, November 26, beating the previous record time set by Craig Wiggins of two days, 17 hours and 22 minutes.

In 2020, Mr Thompson set the Guinness World Record for most kilometres ridden unsupported in a week. Within seven days he rode 3505km. Since then, he has set numerous fastest known times across the world.

“The nature of what I do, is that I strive to break world records and set fastest times and so the notion of riding the trail ‘fast’ was always a pivotal part in the way that I wanted to complete it,” he said.

Mr Thompson said that he wants to use his ability to ride a bike and the platform he has built to showcase what is possible with the right mindset, determination, and team.

“Children can be whatever they want to be, they just need to define that dream and put a framework in place to achieve it. The purpose of the school visits was to provide them with that framework,” he said.

Mr Thompson said all the projects he undertakes have a philanthropic component.

“The ride itself is a personal challenge and I enjoy working towards that, but the real joy for me comes in the form of helping others.

“I grew up suffering from depression and still to this day battle with my own mental health demons.

I was lucky to have support from a young age and depression was never stigmatised. I realise just how important this was to my recovery,” he said.

The talking tour of WA schools was made on his was back to Perth starting with Albany Primary School, and by the time he reached the last school, Mundaring Christian College, Mr Thompson had spoken to over 3000 students across the state.

“Research shows that one in two of us will battle with some form of mental health disorder in our lives and to feel as though I (and the team around me that facilitate these projects) are actually helping to change those statistics is very fulfilling,” he said.

Due to school tours and engagement events, he will spend the next month recovering before he starts preparing for the next goal.

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