Update on ‘Safer Midland’ initiative

More than 100 businesses had already signed up to a WhatsApp group in the fight against crime in the Midland CBD by collating live data.
February 8, 2024
Peter W Lewis

MIDLAND Police officer-in-charge senior sergeant Mark Marriot has invited business and community members to attend a public meeting for an update on the ‘Safer Midland’ initiative on Wednesday, February 14 commencing at 9am at the Crooked Spire Coffee and Arthouse.

Sgt Marriot will talk about the initiative’s progress, focussed on Midland’s CBD, and how data is helping the fight against crime.

The initiative was launched last year and as last reported (‘Safer Midland; initiative helps fight against crime, Echo News 22/9/2023) more than 100 businesses had already signed up to a WhatsApp group in the fight against crime in the Midland CBD by collating live data on a daily basis which is available to police and security, along with providing vital evidence for criminal prosecution.

The initiative has grown from its initial beginnings at Centrepoint Shopping Centre to stem retail theft to now cover the entire Midland CBD with support from businesses and professionals working in the area.

Coordinated by the Swan Chamber of Commerce, chief executive officer Tom Smilovitis said it was an opportunity to connect with WAPOL and neighbouring business owners and professionals.

Recent operations have focussed on anti-social behaviour and retail offences to stem these types of crimes, with police reaching out to retailers for their take on crime, and conducting walk-throughs in the CBD.

Mr Smilovitis said local high school students had also been involved, and the message was clear “if you see something report it and let the police do the policing.”

He said over the last couple of years Midland police and the chamber, with assistance from the City of Swan and Eeve Security who have been invaluable in developing the data system, have actively been involved with business owners on a small scale to develop a live data management system to assist police.

The meeting will take place prior to the monthly Swan Chamber of Commerce ‘Hour of Power’ which commences at 10.30am featuring guest speakers Mike Matich, owner of Crooked Spire and president of the Swan Chamber of Commerce and Tony Williamson, general manager of Bailey Brewing Co.

Register now for this free leadership and personal development workshop here.

For further information please contact chief executive officer Tom Smilovitis on 0407 866 555 or email ceo@swanchamber.com.au

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