Denis Gilbert, Di Evans, Richard Olive, Julie Thomas, Brian Lansdown.

US Open heads up the hill

The Hills Grandslam US Open will wrap up with Wimbledon, held at Midland Lawn Tennis Club in April.
March 21, 2024
Gera Kazakov

MORE than 100 competitors again travelled up to Kalamunda Tennis Club to take part in the annual Hills Grandslam US Open.

With 104 competitors making up 26 mixed-teams – two more teams than the French Open down in Maida Vale – the teams again battled it out on the courts in the Midland Lawn Tennis Club’s Hills Grandslam competition.

The players competed across six divisions and each player played three timed sets in the morning and afternoon.

In the Staten Island division, team ‘B Plus’ (Ben Melbardis, Barry Roff, Bonnie Houldworth, Josie Van Voorthuizen) were victorious while team ‘Even Stevens’ (Rob Payne/Rob Banerjee, Luke Stevens, Bev Chittleborough, Elisha Stevens) were runners up.

The Brooklyn division was won by the ‘Beach Bums’ (Mike Drew, Ibrahim Aliu, Wendy Lewis Lorainne Oliver) with the ‘Dare Doubles’ (Brian Lansdown, Denis Gilbert, Julie Thomas, Di Evans) runners up.

‘Dueced Up’ (Hayden Henning, Trevor Watson, Melissa Hughes, Vanessa Leeson) won the Manhattan division, while team ‘Kalamunda 1’ (Marc Giancola, Tony Derrick, Nisa Lourvanij, Anne Simmons) were runners up.

The Bronx division was won by ‘No Faults’ (Quiton Clasen, David Barnet, Shelley Curnow, Susanne Broido) with the ‘Darlo Devils’ (Neil Hurlbett, John Rasmussen, Sachi Kosturkov, Janine Larkin) runners up.

Queens was won by ‘Choice Property Group’ (Phil Calpakdjian, Chris Calpakdjian, Deb Dessauvage, Maddie Smith) with team ‘Kalamunda 2’ (Gary Casey, Joshua Grant, Ms King, Rina Ecclestone) runners up.

‘Tracey’s Kids’ (Jesse Gordon, Efrain Dayog, Lauren Bramley, Junko Smyth) won Newark, while ‘Forrestfield’ (Andres Arevalo, Felipe Arevalo, Puna Rere, Leanne McArthur/Joy Gibbons and ‘Cannot Be Serious’ (Uman Gambir, Sukwinder Singh, Elena Holt, Vicki Court) were joint runner ups.

Hills Grandslam tournament director Mandy Campbell thanked all those who participated on the day and said the weather gods gave them the perfect day for competition.

Division winners each received a cash prize, while runners up walked away with the Hills Grandslam embroidered hand towel.

The tournament will wrap up with Wimbledon, held at Midland Lawn Tennis Club in April.

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